An Eson Gib vs. Jake Paul fight recap

Photo: Jake Paul Instagram
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The fight between An Eson Gib and Jake Paul lasted less than one round.

The fight begins with Gib pressuring Paul, early. Gib is dipping under Pauls jab nicely but isn’t getting off much offense of his own.

A little over a minute into the round, Gib gets caught off balance and Paul drops him rather easily with a right hand, which counts as the first official knockdown of the fight.

The referee resets the action and Paul becomes the aggressor, jabbing his opponent.

Paul drops Gib again due to Gibs own carelessness and aggression.

The referee resets the two and Paul continues with more of the same, sticking to his jab.

Gib is clearly hurt at this point and begins taking a lot more punches to the head.

Paul starts to mix in more of his right crosses and overhands which eventually drops Gib, again. Causing the referee to come in and stop the contest inside the first three minutes.

The victory for Paul now sets up a fight against his rival, KSI. Prior to the fight, KSI stated publically that he would take on the younger Paul brother if he won his fight against Gib.

Immediately after the win, in his post-fight interview, Paul called out KSI who was in attendence.

The two got face-to-face where they had a heated exchange of words, eventually having to be separated by security.

Both KSI and Paul seem to want this fight. Being that this event was built on the idea that Jake Paul is on a mission to avenge his older brother, Logans controversial loss to KSI in November, I dont see anything getting in the way of this fight being made.

Stay tuned for fight updates on another YouTube boxing event.

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