Ben Askren offers to come out of retirement to fight Nate Diaz and prove “he sucks at MMA”

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In the latest turn of events on MMA Twitter, Ben Askren has called out Nate Diaz in response to Diaz’s claim that Askren “can’t fight or box.”

On Monday, Diaz responded to a post from bjpenndotcom, revealing that Askren admits Jake Paul is actually “kind of good” at boxing.

“Coming from a retired wrestler who can’t fight or box,” Diaz said in response to the Twitter post.

The following morning, Askren responded with a claim and challenge of his own for Diaz.

While Askren did ultimately admit that he does “suck at boxing,” he claims that it’s okay because Diaz “sucks at MMA.” And went on to offer to re enter the U.S. Anti Doping Agency testing pool as soon as tomorrow and be Diaz’s last fight on his UFC contract to prove it.

Here’s the initial post below with Diaz’s response.

Askren’s response below.

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