Colby Covington calls Mark Goddard “fake ref” says Nevada State Athletic Commission dropped the ball

Photo: Colby Covington Instagram
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Colby Covington came on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show Monday, to discuss his loss back in December to UFC welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman.

Helwani asked the former title challenger why he had taken a recent break from doing any media following the loss.

Covington stated that he wanted to see how the media was going to react to the fight and whether or not they would give him a fair shake in how the fight played out.

He said, “I just kinda wanted to sit back and I wanted to see how people were going to talk about the fight. I wanted to see how some of these so called ‘MMA journalists’ were gonna call it, if they were gonna call it down the middle, if they were gonna call it fair, or if they were gonna let their feelings out.”

Covington also made it known, that he felt the media failed to point out several turning points in the championship contest that ultimately resulted in Usman getting an unfair advantage.

He added, “Lets talk about the fake nut shot, lets talk about the fake eye poke, lets talk about the fake stoppage, the fake ref, lets talk about the fake NSAC (Nevada State Athletic Commission), lets talk about how they dropped the ball. How did they give my corner audio in the third round when (Kamaru Usmann) was ready to quit and give up but all of a sudden he gets reinvigorated because he knows I have a broken jaw and he gets that information from his corner, how is that possible.”

Helwani then asked how Usmans corner would have been able to get that kind of information during the fight.

“It’s easy because you know, everybody’s talking about it on social media, they’re talking about it on the broadcast and then it’s so easy just to go over to their corner and tell them, ‘hey, you know, Colby just said he has a broken jaw.’ That kind of information gets out really quickly when you’re talking about social media and you’re talking about it on the broadcast,” said Covington.

He also addressed the rumors about breaking his jaw during the fight, when Helwani asked whether or not the reports were true.

“No I didn’t break my jaw in my fight. Does my jaw look broken? I’ve been smiling,” said the former title challenger.

Colby seems to be in high spirits following the loss back in December and made it known that he wants an immediate rematch or he will be sitting out indefinitely.

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