Colby Covington completely okay with Stephen A. Smith comments, says he’s a “real journalist”

Photo: Colby Covington Instagram
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As of late, Colby Covington hasn’t been shy about letting his opinions known about MMA media.

Following his loss back in December to welterweight champ, Kamaru Usman, Covington hadn’t been heard from.

On Monday, Covington met with multiple media outlets including The Score MMA and Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show to discuss what really happened in the fight against Usman and his issues with the media, following the fight.

“It reminds me again why so called ‘MMA journalists’ dont have journalism degrees,” Covington told James Lynch with The Score MMA. “They’re all a bunch of marks, they’re all a bunch of idiots,” he added. “They don’t look at the facts, they use their bias opinions. They don’t analyze the fight and give an honest opinion. No. They let their feelings (out) because they hate me as a person and they hate who I support (President Trump). They don’t wanna really analyze the fight and call it the way it was.”

Covington’s issues with the media date back to the fight build up leading into the Usman fight. Stating in several interviews then, that he felt the media was covering him unfairly.

“How is nobody talking about the fake nut shot, how is nobody talking about the fake eye poke, how is nobody talking about the corner audio, how is nobody talking about when (Kamaru Usman) poked me in the eye in the fourth round,” Covington said.

Covington feels that there should have been points deducted for Usman’s alleged fake eye poke and nut shot. He is disappointed in the MMA media for not covering these key turning points in the fight and bringing them to the fans and the publics attention.

Lynch asked Covington what he thought about the recent comments that have been made by the MMA community and Joe Rogan about Stephen A. Smith’s comments during the Conor Mcgregor vs. Donald Cerrone post-fight broadcast.

“Stephen A. Smith, he’s another guy who has a journalism degree and is a smart guy who calls it fair, down the middle,” Covington told Lynch. “I gotta respect Stephen A. Smith, he’s just giving his opinion. There’s nothing wrong with stating your opinion, you know. I don’t feel that Joe Rogan should’ve came out and said ‘hey you can’t have an opinion,’ we all know everyone gets an opinion. Maybe someone has a different opinion than you, but that’s okay, agree to disagree. I’m completely okay with what (Smith) said, and he’s a real journalist.”

Since the loss in December, Covington’s been spending time with family, friends and loved ones in his homestate of Oregon. He says that was always the plan following the fight against Usman and reassures his fans that he’s back and better than ever, looking to get an immediate rematch against Usman whenever possible.

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