Conor McGregor pledges to donate 1 Million Euro worth of “protective equipment” to aid in fight against COVID-19

Photo: Wikipedia, the commons
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Over the course of this past week, Conor McGregor has been a key resource in Ireland’s fight against the COVID-19 outbreak.

On Tuesday, March 24, McGregor gave a heart felt message to his country of Ireland, and the entire world. Urging people to follow procedure and protocol, regarding social distancing and self quarantining.

On Wednesday, March 25, Minister Paschal Donohoe replied to McGregor’s message that addressed her, along with many other high standing officials of Ireland, directly.

“Conor, you might give some thought to how you might encourage social distancing. We still need to do better. Even with all the changes yesterday people need to keep their distance and we need to do far better with teenagers and young men and women – many of whom listen to you,” said Minister Donohoe.


In his response, McGregor assured the Minister that he has used his platform on multiple occasions to encourage social distancing, and that he plans on puchasing 1 million euro worth of protective equipment, to donate to hospitals, in an effort to help battle the deadly Corona Virus.

“I have used my platforms multiple times since this has began. First encouraging hand wash etiquette/not touching face, plus keeping distance,” said McGregor. “Then before the weekend I urged people to stay vigilant and stay indoors.”

“Today I am purchasing myself, 1 million euro worth of personal protective equipment to be deployed to all the fighting hospitals in the Leinster region. Our most affected region, to this date,” said McGregor.

McGregor had a long-winded response to the Minister that is worth giving a read. He posted pictures of his response on Twitter, which is embeded in the link below.

Despite losing his aunt a little over two weeks ago, McGregor has been a very positive voice during this difficult time. He has been posting fun, problem solving activities, all week on Twitter. In an attempt to keep the public entertained, and most importantly, indoors social distancing.

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