Conor McGregor’s Irish Bar Attacked with Molotov Cocktails

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Conor McGregor’s Irish pub, The Black Forge Inn, was the victim of an attack on Wednesday evening that involved molotov cocktails being thrown at the business.

According to a report from TMZ h/t The Sun, the attackers threw two petrol bombs at The Black Forge Inn in Dublin, and also left two pipe bombs behind the pub. The attackers have not been caught yet.

A rep of McGregor’s has since confirmed that McGregor was not in the building at the time of the attack.

“No one was impacted,” he told TMZ. “And the pub is open and busy as always.”

Irish authorities are considering it “an incident of attempted criminal damage” and say no damage was done to the premises.

Authorities are asking for anyone with footage of the incident to come forward and share it with them.

McGregor often frequents his Pub in Dublin, Ireland, which he purchased in 2019, and even posted footage from inside just hours before the attack on Wednesday night.

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