Cub Swanson on eyeing a return to UFC in November

Photo: Esther Lin, MMA Fighting
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UFC veteran, Cub Swanson, is looking to return to the UFC octagon one time by the end of 2020. Swanson, 36, is currently recovering from a torn ACL and meniscus in his left knee, which he suffered in a grappling bout, last December against former UFC welterweight title challenger, Jake Shields.

Swanson underwent surgery one week before Christmas, making him about 5 months post-op now.

“I’m doing pretty good. I still can’t run, there’s some certain things I can’t do, but I’ve been boxing, (doing) agility stuff, and wrestling and grappling are (things) I just started to do, and I’m only doing it with smaller guys to make sure that any kind of fall or movement I didn’t expect isn’t going to be as impactful,” said Swanson.

As for Swansons return to the octagon, this is what he had to say.

“It’s gonna take me the whole year just to come back, just to fight one time. So, I wanted my fans to gather around me, we’ll be having shirts coming out through Virus soon, (they’re gonna say) “Killer Cub 2020″ it’s an election year, you know. It’s gonna be fun. But yeah, I’ll be able to fight one time this year,” he said.

“November is (when I expect to return),” says Swanson. “I feel like November is a safe time, it’s 11 months post surgery, I feel like I should be good (by then). I work hard, and I think that’s very attainable.”

As for an opponent, Swanson was asked if there is anyone he has in mind for his anticipated return, to which he replied, no. Swanson says he prefers the UFC to pick his opponents for him.

“I don’t like picking fights, because the couple times that (UFC let me pick somebody) I ended up not doing great,” said Swanson. “I’ve done pretty well (when UFC tells me who I’m fighting next), and that’s always done well for me. So, I like that strategy.”

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