Dana White has an island: Everything you need to know about the future of the UFC and UFC 249

Photo: Caroline McCredie, Getty Images for GQ Australia
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UFC president, Dana White, is finalizing a deal that would secure an anonymous location for UFC 249, as well as an island, as part of a plan to hold fights both internationally, and in the States.

The plan, according to White, is to get the ball rolling again starting with UFC 249. The UFC will look to proceed as scheduled after UFC 249, by holding fight cards throughout April, and for the immediate near future.

“I’m this close to getting a deal done,” said White. “So, this place where the fights gonna be on April 18, I have locked up for two months. So, I am going to continue to pump fights out. I’ve also secured an island – I’ve got an island. The infrastructure is being built right now. We’re gonna do all of our international fights on this island. So, when we do this fight on April 18, internationally, and in the United States, we’re gonna start cranking. The UFC will be back up and running, internationally, and here in the states.”

“We’re going back to back to back. We’re getting back into our regular schedule,” he added. “So, we will have postponed three fights, we’ll make all these fights up and we’ll be right back on schedule starting April 18.

White did state that the upcoming cards are still under construction, but he and his staff are already working on putting them together.

As for the actual fight locations, they will remain anonymous.

However, some media will still be allowed to come and cover the upcoming events.

“It doesn’t matter where it’s happening because nobody can go anyway,” said White. “There are some members of the media that have reached out to me that want to go, I’ll bring them.”

“There’s a lot of creepy people out there, you know, and when they find out the location, they start attacking the location, and making phone calls. So, this keeps the creeps at bay,” he added.

White, also confirmed that there will be an athletic commission, as well as USADA testing for UFC 249.

According to the UFC President, fighters will be brought in to the secret fight locations, but they will not know where they are being brought to.

“We’re gonna get the fighters somewhere, and we’re gonna bring them to this location. They won’t know where they’re headed to,” said White.

Lastly, White assured concerned fans, and media, that health and safety is the first and highest priority.

“We’re gonna get our doctors involved, get their doctors involved. We’re gonna screen people. We’re gonna do everything that we can possibly do to make sure we have healthy people,” he said. “Health and safety is not something that just popped up with the coronavirus with us. This is something we’re always focused on.”

According to White, the deal to secure the fight locations should get done within the next couple of days.

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