Dana White on Conor McGregor vs. Manny Paquiao Superfight

https://a4.espncdn.com/combiner/i?img=%2Fphoto%2F2017%2F0804%2Fr239817_1296x729_16-9.jpg , https://www.telegraph.co.uk/content/dam/boxing/2017/08/23/TELEMMGLPICT000000625395-xlarge_trans_NvBQzQNjv4Bqn2n2hk5qKEJ--A9z8HbLAsG1A3ARvkKPXv0GiMUZykA.jpeg
Photo: Getty (left), AP (right)
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During a recent sit down interview with ESPN, UFC President, Dana White, was asked about if he would be interested in doing another cross promotion boxing match with Conor McGregor vs. Manny Pacquiao, after McGregor announced publicly several times last year that he is interested in doing a boxing match against Pacquiao.

“The way that this kid (Conor McGregor) is right now, mentally, physically, emotionally, I mean this kid is on and ready to fight,” White said. “I would love to see him focus on what he can do here at the UFC. Whether it’s take another shot at that title against Khabib, or fight for the title against somebody else if Khabib retires, and defend that title. A boxing match with any of these guys, that kind of stuff is always going to be there. You are the absolute best in the world right now in MMA, and the timing is right now. Not getting any younger. I’d love to see him go for it here over the next year. If he wants to fight one of these boxing guys, do that next year. That fight is always going to be there.”

White followed up by saying, cross promotion boxing matches just aren’t the kind of fights that he does.

“It all sort of came together perfectly with Floyd (Mayweather), and it was fun, but it was sort of a one and done for me,” adding, “It’s just, it’s not really what I do. Poirier vs. McGregor, that’s what I do.”

McGregor, former double champ of the UFC, is just under two weeks out from his main event rematch against Dustin Poirier at UFC 257. He’s gone as far as to say that he will knock Poirier out in less than 60 seconds. You don’t want to miss this exciting rematch that has been six years in the making.

It all goes down Saturday, January 24, at the Etihad Stadium in Abu Dhabi.

UFC President, Dana White’s, sit down interview with ESPN’s, Brett Okomoto, ahead of UFC 257: McGregor vs. Poirier.

Source: Youtube.com

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