Darren Till on Mike Perry’s recent bar fight altercation: “He didn’t even look like he was in the wrong”

Photo: Esther Lin, MMA Fighting
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Despite having their differences, Darren Till hopes Mike Perry is doing okay.

During media day, Tuesday, ahead of UFC Fight Island 3, Till, was asked by reporters about his thoughts on Mike Perry’s recent altercation that resulted in him knocking down an old man to the ground, which was caught on video.

In the video, first posted by @MMAEejit twitter account, Perry was seen walking out of a restaurant in Lubbock, Texas, after seemingly getting into an argument with one of the employees. Once outside the restaurant, tempers flared which resulted in Perry knocking an older man to the ground after he started antagonizing and walking towards an already heated Perry.

“His personal life has nothing to do with me,” said Till during his media scrum, Tuesday. “I know it sounds mad, but I don’t want to kick a man while he’s down. You know, trolling Perry and whatever is having fun, but you know, I’ve been in bar fights, and I’ve had a lot of things happen outside the octagon. I wouldn’t expect people to comment on my personal life, even though they do, but I’m just not that guy. He didn’t even look like he was in the wrong, it looked like the old guy rushed at him or something, so self-defense at the end of the day. But I hope he’s okay. I hope Mike Perry is okay in his head, and I hope he’s happy and content.”

Since the incident, Perry seems to be doing okay. He’s dyed his hair blonde, ran into former double-champ of the UFC, Henry Cejudo, and most recently, he linked up with UFC middleweight, Yoel Romero, to get some quality training in, after saying in his last post-fight press conference that he intended to do so in order to prepare for a future fight against Darren Till.

As for Perry’s fighting future, the UFC gave a statement to MMA Fighting regarding the incident, stating that they spoke with Perry, and they won’t be offering him a fight until he enters and completes a treatment program, in addition to substance and behavioral counseling. According to the statement, both parties have agreed to these terms.

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