DJ Francesco Facchinetti on Conor McGregor incident: He tried to do more to me

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During a recent interview with ESPN, Italian DJ Francesco Facchinetti shared his story regarding what happened with Conor McGregor in a nightclub on October 17.

Facchinetti alleges that at around 2:30 AM on October 17, after hanging out in a nightclub and speaking for hours, McGregor punched him in the face for no reason, resulting in a busted lip and broken nose.

“Everything was perfect, you know. A perfect night,” Facchinetti told ESPN. “We spent more than two hours speaking about everything. My wife, she’s Brazilian. We spoke about Brazil. We spoke about Jose Aldo. We spoke about Italy. We spoke about Rome, and other cities in Italy. We spoke about his new Lamborghini boat.”

Prior to the incident, Facchinetti says he had confirmation that McGregor was happy, and says he was happy too.

“I heard he was happy, and we were happy,” he said.

Facchinetti says the UFC star became upset when Bella Thorne and her husband (Benjamin Mascolo), told McGregor that they wanted to leave the nightclub they were hanging out at because they were currently on tour for her new movie, and had to travel the next day.

“Bella spoke with Ben, ‘Hey Ben I think it’s better if we leave the hotel because tomorrow we leave Rome at midday.’ And Ben went to Conor and he said to him, ‘Hey Conor, we have to go.’ But we were around him, you know, because he’s the star and we were around him and trying to understand what he wants to do,” said Facchinetti.

“(Conor) said, ‘Hey guys stay here for another 10 minutes, 15 minutes.’ We say ‘okay,’ and in that moment his brain completely switched (and) turned off.”

“And he punched me in my face. It’s like that, okay. We are speaking. Imagine you are in front of me and we’re speaking for two hours and chilling and smiling and I punch you. After two hours. Out of the blue.”

“I was lucky because there was a table near me and his bodyguards immediately in one second took him, and they put him on the wall, and after they took him outside the room because he tried to do more to me.”

The Italian DJ has since pressed charges against McGregor.

Facchinetti, who was accompanied by what seemed to be his lawyer, was advised to not comment on any of the legalities of the matter.

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