Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Camp Footage of Khamzat Chimaev Prior to Being Hospitalized; Interviews With Manager and Head Coach

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Following the hospitalization of Khamzat Chimaev, due to lingering effects of COVID-19, Frontkick.online has released exclusive footage on Chimaev’s camp prior to his hospitalization, and exclusive interviews with his manager, Majdi Shammas, and his head coach, Andreas Michael.

The footage reveals Chimaev coughing during training, him requesting not to be filmed, and more.

In the exclusive interview with Chimaev’s head coach, he revealed that his fighter caught bronchitis after his battle with COVID-19.

“Khamzat, first time he got Corona, he started doing good,” Michael said. “He started like, being a monster like he usually is. And then, because it’s like -15 degrees (celsius) I don’t know how much that is in fahrenheit, but it’s f****n’ cold. He caught bronchitis. We had to put him on antibiotics for 10 days. And we screened him, we did blood tests, we did everything, and he’s only human man. There’s nothing we can do more than what we’re doing.”

Chimaev is currently in the U.S. after being flown out by the UFC late last week, to receive medical care for his lingering effects of COVID-19.

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