Floyd Mayweather on the current state of health of his uncle Roger

Photo: Boxing sphere
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During his ‘Legendary Icon World Tour,’ Floyd Mayweather provided an update on his uncle Roger Mayweather’s current state of health.

Roger was Floyd’s trainer for most of his career after Floyd’s father, Floyd Mayweather Sr. was sent to prison on drug charges when Floyd was still a minor.

For years, Roger has been struggling with diabetes along with the repurcussions of a long, hard fought boxing career, where he took a lot of damage due to being an ‘offensive minded’ fighter.

According to Floyd, his uncle is now blind and basically a vegetable. Meaning his uncle can no longer take care of himself when it comes to everyday life tasks.

“My uncle Roger, you know, he’s going through a lot right now. If you guys don’t know, my uncle Roger currently is blind, and he’s also a vegetable now, if you guys don’t know,” said Floyd. “But that’s from him being just offensive minded (during his boxing career),” he added. “But every month I make sure he’s got the best care and he’s taken care of, my uncle Roger.”

Floyd added that Roger’s daughter is currently studying abroad, attending college in London, and that is a highlight in Floyd’s life right now.

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