Former UFC fighter Yoshinori Horie reveals he funded his MMA career through sex work

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Yoshinori Horie, who once fought for the UFC and now competes in RIZIN, revealed through his Twitter that he funded his Mixed Martial Arts career through sex work in the past.

Horie announced the news on Christmas day in a series of Tweets, which explained how he would perform sexual acts on men in exchange for money.

“Five years ago, when I was with a friend, I was told that I could get money just by handjob in Shibuya, but I followed him, but I thought it was like that AV,” Horie wrote on Twitter. (via Google translate).

“Lol I was told to hide my face with a solid mosaic and it was explained that it was not like that, but I was deceived in various ways lol. I didn’t have the money and I really wanted to do martial arts on my own!”

Horie went on to explain how he was enticed into the work because he would earn more money from doing sexual favors than he would from his part-time job.

“I got 20,000 yen in less than an hour, but it was pretty big,” he added. “I was able to face martial arts in a short time, exceeding the amount of 2-days of part time work that I do for 8 hours while standing!”

“It’s pretty painful now, but as long as I’m alive I can chase my dreams!

“And I like women, not gays! I’ve done the money to live to do martial arts!”

Despite what happened in the past, Horie had an amazing year in 2021, going 3-0 in his first three fights with RIZIN.

Since leaving the UFC back in 2019, Horie (12-3) has won four of five fights with three coming by way of unanimous decision and one coming by third round technical knockout.

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