Gervonta Davis on First Face to Face Encounter With Ryan Garcia

Photo: Christian Petersen, Getty Images
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Gervonta “Tank” Davis recently did an interview with ESNews, yesterday, where he talked about his first face to face encounter with Ryan Garcia earlier that day with non other than, Mike Tyson, in the room.

“Yeah, that’s my first time ever speaking to him, like seeing him up close,” Davis said. “So it was just us talking trash, you know. Him saying he was gonna knock me out in two rounds. To be honest, I think he’s a fan of mine the way he was acting. He was acting all hyped and things like that, and Mike was trying to see when we’re going to fight. So it’s good for boxing, you know. Regular stuff.”

While this was their first face to face encounter, apparently this wasn’t their first time speaking to each other. Tank revealed that prior to Garcia’s fight this past weekend against Luke Campbell, he called Garcia to give him a message before he walked out to the ring.

“I got his number,” Davis said. “One of his girls gave it to me. I told him handle his business, he’s gonna need it. He was shocked. He was shocked he was on the phone with me. Then he was like ‘alright’.”

ESNews asked Davis if he has a message for Garcia if he see’s the interview. “Get ready,” Davis said. “You know what’s going on. We don’t even have to speak on it. I don’t know why he’s speaking on it or even keeps running his mouth like that. You know what’s going on. That’s all you gotta do is get ready. You know this shit is in motion, and you know, may the best man win.”

As far as when the fight will take place, Tank, believes it will likely happen in May. However he says he will fight Garcia anytime.

“No I think it’ll be in May,” Davis said. “It’s not gonna be September. But I don’t know, it really doesn’t matter to me. I’ll fight him whenever.”


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