Jorge Masvidal and Ben Askren seemingly have friendly back and forth on Twitter

Photo: Esther Lin, MMA Fighting
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Sworn enemies, Jorge Masvidal and Ben Askren, have seemingly made up, or at the very least, set aside their differences for a common enemy.

Both Masvidal and Askren have a common enemy in UFC welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman. Early Wednesday morning, Masvidal posted a video, making fun of Usman. The short clip started with a post-fight interview of Askren talking about Usman. The video ended with a highlight reel clip of Masvidal knocking out Askren with his signature flying knee.

After Masvidal shared the video on Twitter, Askren gave his opinion, to which Masvidal responded.

“Beginning was funny Jorge, but the end was shit,” said Askren.

“You are so right, Ben. I would be honored to bring you in to help with the creative department story book ending,” Masvidal responded.

The two have come a long way since the time Masvidal stated he wanted to end Askren’s bloodline, because of how annoying he found him.

Masvidal is expected to be next in line for a shot at the welterweight title. Hopefully he can get the opportunity soon, despite all of the issues going on surrounding the coronavirus.

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