Martin Day Gets ‘Second Chance’ With UFC After Accepting Fight vs. Timur Valiev on Eight-Days Notice

Photo: Jeff Bottari, Zuffa LLC via Getty Images
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UFC bantamweight Martin Day is getting a second chance with the promotion after accepting a fight against Timur Valiev on eight-days notice.

After Valiev’s former opponent, Julio Arce, withdrew from the fight due to undisclosed reasons, Day announced on his Instagram Friday that he will be moving up a weight-class to take on Valiev on eight-days notice at UFC Vegas 18, in what he referred to as a “second chance” opportunity with the UFC.

“Opportunity wastes no time on the unprepared,” Day wrote in the Instagram post. “This morning the UFC gave me a second chance, an opportunity to fight one more time to keep my contract. One week from now (Feb. 6) I’ll be moving up a weight-class to fight Timur Valiev. With the odds heavily stacked against me and my back to the wall I feel no pressure with nothing to lose. Make no mistake though, next Saturday I’m not going in there to just survive… I’m going for victory in devastating fashion!”

Following his third consecutive loss in three fights with the UFC since joining back in 2018, it appears that the UFC had already cut Day from the roster.

The UFC has a history of taking care of fighters who are willing do these types of favors for the company. Win or lose, Day will likely be given a couple more opportunities in his real weight-class after this fight, to prove that he deserves to continue fighting in the UFC.


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