Matt Brown Explains Motivation to Keep Fighting at 40 Years-Old, Planning on an Active 2021

Photo: Peter Casey, USA Today Sports
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UFC welterweight Matt Brown doesn’t see himself retiring anytime soon.

During a recent interview Brown did with MMA Junkie Radio, he confirmed that despite turning 40 years-old earlier this year, he’s plans to keep fighting.

After confirming that he would like to continue on with his fighting career, Brown explained what the motivating factors are for him to keep fighting well passed this prime.

“It’s certainly to entertain the fans, but the other part is I just love it, man,” Brown said. “I mean it’s great. It’s the best feeling in the world. But I’d say first and foremost is I can inspire others, man. Particularly, my own kids. I got a gym that I own now with a lot of young up and comers there, and it’s very fulfilling when they tell me how much I inspire them. It’s very fulfilling when I have people tell me I helped them overcome an addiction or things like that. I get these kind of messages pretty regularly, you know. So that’s probably my biggest inspiration at this point.”

Although one of the oldest active fighters on the UFC roster, Brown says that at this point in his career, it’s more his life responsibilities as a father, and as a family man that keep him on a less active fight schedule than before, not his older-age.

“I’m feeling good man,” Brown said. “I think I could get two or three more (fights) this year. I think at my age and life situation, it depends more on the life situation more than the age. The life situation of having three kids, that’s the biggest hurdle when training for a fight,” adding, “Physically, as a 40 year-old man, I could fight five times this year.”


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