Max Holloway explains what an ‘elevator diva’ is, says you can find him at the stairs

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Max Holloway is living up to his catch phrase of ‘everyone, everywhere, every time,’ as he approaches his main event matchup against Yair Rodriguez this Saturday at UFC Vegas 42.

Ahead of his bout against Rodriguez, former featherweight champion, Holloway, has been asked several times why he chose to fight instead of wait for a rematch against current featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski.

As only Holloway could put it, he said it’s because he’s a stair guy, not an ‘elevator diva.’

“There’s a lot of guys man,” Holloway said referring to the amount of top contenders in his division. “A lot of guys at the elevator, and they’re trying to go straight to the top because UFC don’t have a tournament structure.

“There’s a lot of guys at the elevator, and the line is super long, you know what I mean? I ain’t about that elevator life, you can find me at the stairs. I’ll be running up and down that bad boy wherever we gotta go.”

Holloway revealed that the UFC told him he didn’t have to take the fight against Rodriguez, but says he took it because he truly believes he’s the best and that’s what the best do, they fight everyone and anyone.

“The UFC did tell us that we didn’t have to take it but I sat down with my coaches, we all looked at each other, (and) we all agreed we’re not elevator divas, you know,” Holloway told media. “We’re gonna get out there, we’re gonna go do it, and we’ll get the damn thing done.

“If you believe you’re the best fighter in the world, that’s what you should be doing. You going to end up fighting everybody, anyone, anytime if you believe.”

“(The) saying is simple, you know. Everyone, every time, everywhere,” he concluded.

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