Max Holloway issues first statement following win over Yair Rodriguez: ‘We should be amigos, probably’

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Max Holloway and Yair Rodriguez went to war this past Saturday at UFC Vegas 42.

In the immediate aftermath of the fight, an immense amount of respect was shown between the two.

On Monday, in Holloways first statement since the fight, the former champ shared a picture that was taken of Rodriguez and himself in an ambulance right after their fight had concluded.

In the photo caption, Holloway gave high praise to his opponent. Stating that he’s looking ‘forward to his championship reign someday.’

“Toughest sport in the world,” Holloway wrote. “But for some of us what happens in the Octagon is the easier parts of life. Yair is one of those fighters. If you want to understand how Yair does his ninja stuff, look at his team. If you want to understand why, look at his family and the sacrifices they’ve made together to make it to the Octagon. Shout outs to Parral, Chihuahua. Love you, brother. Looking forward to your championship reign some day. We should be amigos, probably.”

Holloway, 29, also came from humble beginnings growing up in Waianae, Hawaii.

Waianae is home to Hawaii’s largest homeless camp.

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