Michael Chandler outlines ideal storybook ending with Bellator

Bellator MMA
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After picking up a big win over Benson Henderson in the main event for Bellator 243, Michael Chandler, has become one of the hottest commodities in MMA right now.

Leading up to his rematch against Henderson, Chandler, 34, wasn’t only facing the normal pressures of just any fight, he was also fighting out his contract, entering the last fight on his deal at Bellator 243.

The gamble to fight out his contract paid off big for Chandler after he was able to get the job done against Henderson by TKOing him in less than a round.

Since the fight, Chandler has spoken with many different MMA media outlets about how he plans on testing the free agent market.

During an interview with MMA Fighting, Chandler outlined his potential dream ending scenario with Bellator which involves ten more fights, getting a commentating job behind the desk, and retiring as the most decorated Bellator fighter of all time.

“I think there’s a ton of meat (left) on the Bellator bone. Number one, I love fighting for Scott Coker, Rich Chou, Mike Hogan, I love fighting for Viacom, I love fighting for the people there at Viacom. They just signed a deal with CBS, CBS Sports, and Showtime, so there’s all kinds of stuff that could be happening there.”

“I love the idea of staying with Bellator for the next ten fights, getting a job on the mic behind the desk, sailing off into the sunset being the most decorated Bellator fighter of all time.”

Chandler is still in negotiations with Bellator, and hasn’t spoken with any other promotions at this time, but he has expressed interest in fighting for either UFC or RIZIN. More to come on this story in the near future.

Source: MMA Fighting

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