Michael Chandler responds to Tony Ferguson callout: “I’ll beat you from bell to bell. Pray for a merciful ref”

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It appears a fight between former UFC interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson and former Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler could be a possibility in the near future.

On Saturday, Ferguson called out Chandler on Twitter, saying that he’s “trying to delay” a fight between them.

“There’s my bi*ch!!! @MikeChandlerMMA, the brass @danawhite @ufc relayed your message saying you would be ready for me April/June. Looks like you’re trying to delay that ass whoopin’. I owe ya for cutting in line kid,” Ferguson wrote.

Chandler, per usual, one upped Ferguson with his response.

“Oh Tony,” Chandler wrote. “There’s only a handful of guys in this game I truly respect… you’re one of them. Only because of your tenure, not your stature or your current presence in the division. I’ll beat you from bell to bell. Pray for a merciful ref. We shall see if this fight happens.”

Read the entire conversation, including Fergusons response to Chandler, below.

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