Mike Perry explains decision to make his girlfriend the sole cornerman for fight against Mickey Gall this weekend

Photo: Sherdog
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“She’s just a tough little peanut butter cup, chocolate chip cookie and she has experience in boxing, and wrestling.”
Mike Perry told ESPN regarding his decision to make his girlfriend the only person working his corner this weekend.

There has been a lot of talk surrounding Mike Perry’s decision to make his girlfriend of less than a year, his sole corner person for his fight this weekend against Mickey Gall at UFC on ESPN 12 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Earlier today, ESPN’s Ariel Helwani spoke with Perry to confirm whether or not she will in fact be the only corner, and why he decided to make her the only person working his corner this weekend.

“Yes sir, (she’s the only corner person). No one else,” Perry told Helwani. “Because she’s perfect. (Does she have) experience cornering? No. But she’s just a tough little peanut butter cup, chocolate chip cookie and she has experience in boxing, and wrestling. She wrestled throughout high school believe it or not.”

“She’s gonna do the number one thing that I could ask for in a coach. Just sit there and enjoy the show because you got the best seat in the house, and I don’t need your advice anyways. I’ve done the work, it’s done. I’ve seen the fight in my head a thousand times and I’m gonna hit this dude in the face and I’m gonna bust his chops bro, that’s it,” Perry said.

As far as training with a team and coaches ahead of this weekends fight, Perry explained that he split his time traveling to multiple gyms to gain knowledge and training partners throughout this fight camp.

“I went to some gyms. I got some jiu jitsu in with this one gym. I like to go around and give my time to the martial arts community. I’m good to have in your gym, I’m a good training partner. If I can come in and get some work with the bodies, and people from all over the world, from all types of gyms. They show me respect and they’re grateful for me coming out. I take pictures with fans and also other up and coming mixed martial artists. Going to some gyms, (I) ran into some other UFC fighters, got some work, gave them some tips. And I’m not gonna sit there and let their coaches tell me, ‘do this or don’t do this’ or like no we can work positional stuff and I can show you where it’s gonna go, and what’s gonna happen, and then we can work on things from there.”

“(My girlfriend and I) are a great team,” said Perry. “I handle my part, she handles hers, and that’s just to sit there and look beautiful. You know what I mean? And help daddy feel like a champion inside, and I do.”

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