Mike Tyson Tells Logan Paul That Floyd Mayweather Is Going To “Beat His A**”

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During a recent podcast that Mike Tyson did with Youtube star, Logan Paul, on his show, Impaulsive, Tyson was brutally honest with Paul about how he thinks he will do in his upcoming exhibition boxing match against none other than Floyd “Money” Mayweather on Sat., Feb. 20.

“Floyd is going to beat his f–ing ass,” Tyson said while chewing a mouth full of mushrooms. “But it’s gonna be good, it’s gonna be good. He’s gonna fight back though,” he added, patronizing the Youtube star.

Logan responded by asking Tyson if he thinks he has any chance at landing a finishing blow on Floyd. “Let me tell you something about Floyd,” Tyson said. “This is what I don’t like about him either. No matter what we ever say about him, he’s in that gym. He’s a rat. He’s retired, but he stays in the gym. He can’t help it. He don’t do drugs. That’s his heroin. The gym.”

While agreeing with Tyson, Paul still pressed the question of whether or not he thinks he has a chance at landing one big shot. “Well he might let you hit him a couple times to make the show look good,” Tyson said. “There’s always a danger when two men step in the ring, anything can happen,” he added.

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