MMA Fighter Akmal Khozhiev jailed for allegedly murdering doctor with animal bone, bail set at $1 million

MMA fighter Akmal Khozhiev accused of killing doctor over COVID-19 dispute
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Professional MMA fighter, Akmal Khoziev, has been charged with first-degree aggravated murder and second-degree aggravated assault, following an incident that occurred on Nov. 10 that resulted in 44-year-old doctor, Miran Rabati, being stabbed to death with an animal bone.


According to reports obtained by The Guam Daily Post and Pacific Daily News, Khozhiev allegedly admitted to police that he in fact murdered the doctor, stating, “Sir, it’s me, it’s me, I killed him,” when they arrived on scene.

Eye witness reports state that the argument between the two stemmed from a disagreement about COVID-19 vaccinations. When the two men went into Khozhiev’s room, witnesses say the MMA fighter began choking the doctor from behind and “the two fell to the floor.”

When the two witnesses, both women, went over to break up the altercation, Khozhiev released the choke and proceeded to allegedly strike one of them “twice in the head,” before grabbing an “animal bone that was left over from dinner,” to stab Ribati’s neck repeatedly, according to the report.

Reports state that Ribati attempted to run away before Khozhiev ultimately murdered him in cold blood.

An autopsy is currently pending for Ribati.

Khozhiev’s bail was been set to $1 million after appearing in court for the first time this past Wednesday.

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