Paulo Costa reveals he’s more than 20 pounds overweight, requesting a catchweight bout with Marvin Vettori

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Paulo Costa confirmed Today that he will not make 185 pounds this weekend and is now seeking a catchweight bout.

During media day for UFC Fight Night: Costa vs. Vettori, set to take place this Saturday at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada, Costa, revealed that he is more than 20 pounds overweight leading into Friday’s weigh-ins.

Costa’s opponent, Marvin Vettori, broke the news first when he spoke with media earlier in the day, revealing that Costa showed up to Vegas overweight.

Here’s what Costa had to say when he sat down with media.


“I think this fight will happen,” said Costa. “It just will not happen if he does not want to fight me. Maybe we can do a catchweight at (195) pounds, I don’t know. Maybe. But I think this fight at 185 could be more exciting to the fans, you know. A more explosive fight because I want to bring the fight to him, (and) maybe he wants to bring the fight to me. So I think with both (of us) heavy, a knockout can happen easily.”

Costa reported that he currently weighs 96 kilograms which translates to roughly 211 pounds. Making him more than 20 pounds over the middleweight weight limit of 185 pounds, just under 48 hours from weigh-ins.

“What happened is yesterday Wallid (Costa’s manager) talked with some of (Vettori’s) people, his manager Ali (Abdelaziz) I think, and it’s not on the schedule to make 185 pounds anymore. It’s another weight above that. But I don’t know exactly what weight yet.”

“I’m more concentrated on my weight than on his weight. I don’t care if he makes 225 pounds or more, but we need to find a catch weight to make. I don’t know exactly yet.”


As far as a reason for the anticipated weight miss, Costa says he will reveal those details after the fight.

“I will tell after the fight,” he said.

While being disappointed at the news, Vettori did confirm that he will fight Costa at any weight, but does want Costa to be as close to the 185 pound weight limit at possible to ensure he undergoes some kind weight cut.

Source: UFC

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