Q&A with former UFC fighter and now free agent, Andre Soukhamthath

Photo: Esther Lin, MMA Fighting
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We reached out to former UFC fighter, Andre Soukhamthath, to get an update on all things fighting, and whats going on in his life right now.

I reached out to Andre via Instagram to do a Q&A, all of the questions were asked and answered through Instagram direct message.

Here is our conversation below:

Q: I see you’re training at American Top Team (ATT) now, how long have you been training with them for?

A: Yes, I am at ATT now. I have been here for a year and I really enjoy it.

Q: Have you been able to sign with any new fight organizations yet? I know you mentioned you were a free agent not too long ago.

A: No, I am still a free agent.

Q: What’s it like being in Florida right now with all of the surging Coronavirus cases? Even head coach, Mike Brown, at ATT contracted it. How have you been able to keep yourself and your family safe during this time?

A: It is a rough time for everyone all around the world right now. We take the right precautions all the time. To be honest though, we were in Seattle when this whole thing started. Seattle is where the first Covid-19 case happened. I feel like we are immune to it by now, meaning we had it already.

Q: What’s new in your life? Any new announcements?

A: Yes, I have many things going on right now that I have to keep confidential. Hopefully everything pulls through and I can let everyone know what I’ve been up to. As for life, the same. Family, fighting, and grinding my ass off. On my days off I’m somewhere in South Florida Beach.

Q: Whats your training regimen looking like right now? How many days a week do you train and do strength and conditioning? Based off your Instagram page it looks like you’re still training everyday and staying in great shape.

A: Yes, I am always training. Six days a week, two to three times a day. I train with the team and coaches everyday. I train with my strength and conditioning coach three times a week, and I train a lot on my own too. I am always training. I’m getting older in this sport now and I know I need to stay ready for anything. I won’t have these opportunities in the future.

Q: I see you have a blog, what motivated you to create one, what’s the purpose of it, and have you always had the passion for writing?

A: Yes, I’ve always enjoyed writing. It’s a fun way to connect with my fans, my people. I grew up reading blogs, and etc. That’s the way we connected, with social media and everything. Nowadays there is no real intimacy, no real interaction. I feel like my blogs allow me to express myself.

Soukhamthath hasn’t fought since August of 2019, and he is looking to get signed to fight somewhere in the near future.

Like he mentioned, he believes he doesn’t have much time left in the sport, and he is staying ready and looking to capitalize on any and all opportunities he may receive.

We at ParryPunch MMA would like to wish Andre good luck in his future fighting endeavors, and we thank him for giving us his time and responding to some of our questions.

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