Ryan Garcia Sends KO Message to Gervonta Davis

Photo: Youtube
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Since earning a big seventh round knockout over Olympic gold medalist, Luke Campbell, this past weekend, Ryan Garcia (21-0, 18 KO’s), hasn’t stopped calling out Gervonta “Tank” Davis (24-0, 23 KO’s) to be his next fight.

On Tuesday, Garcia, caught up with Fighthype to talk about his knockout win, and what’s next for him.

“This next fight is gonna be a great one, I know it will be,” Garcia said. “I’m coming straight for Gervonta Davis. That’s the man. There’s no doubt in my mind. Not one ounce of doubt. Not even a crumb off bread of doubt on this fight. Second round knockout, he will not get up. But here’s the thing, Gervonta will always be a hero in Baltimore. He will always be an inspiration to those kids in that city, but he’s not gonna win this fight. There’s no way. No chance.”

With the way that boxing currently is, Garcia’s call out of another big name, undefeated champion is a breath of fresh air compared to the usual champion vs. weak contender match ups we’re used to seeing. In calling out Tank, Garcia isn’t just calling out a big name, he’s calling out arguably the best lightweight in boxing right now, and he’s looking to take that spot.

Fighthype asked Garcia why he wants this fight so bad, given the fact that he doesn’t necessarily have to fight Tank right now.

“We don’t have to (fight), but we need to. This is bigger than money,” Garcia said. “This is bigger than all that. You know, he can fight for whatever he wants to fight for. I fight for a different reason, and that’s the difference here. So, it’s gonna happen, don’t worry. I’m gonna make sure it happens. Second round knockout. I’m going for it. There’s no other fight in my mind than Gervonta Davis. It will happen,” adding, “You gotta wait and see how it plays out. There’s a lot of things we need to work out. I know we both want the fight. There’s a lot of little details that obviously need to be fixed, and whatever, the business part of boxing. I don’t really care about that. But we’re gonna get it done.”

Garcia believes that this fight will be the official turning point in his career, where he goes from prospect to boxing superstar. “It’s just a fight that I’ve always had in my heart, and it’s finally gonna happen,” Garcia said. “This is the moment. This is where I truly shock the world. This is what I mean, the slogan, this is not something I just made up, this is for real. This will shock the world.”

Fighthype concluded the interview by asking Garcia if he has a message for Gervonta, this was his response.

“Gervonta, you’re always gonna be a hero in Baltimore,” Garcia said. “Don’t worry about losing. It’s gonna be okay. You’re gonna get up off the canvas, and you’re gonna be a good person of Baltimore, and you’re gonna do a lot of great things for that city. Don’t worry, it’s gonna be quick. Painless. When you get hit, it’ll be painless, you’ll fall to the ground, when you wake up you’ll have a lot of money, and you’ll be in Baltimore like a hero. It’s all good, don’t worry. Let’s go, two rounds baby.”

Source: Youtube.com

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