Sean O’Malley Gives Update on Foot Injury

Photo: Esther Lin, MMA Fighting
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UFC bantamweight contender, Sean O’Malley (12-1 MMA, 4-1 UFC), recently joined CelebrityGamerZ where he gave an update on the foot that he injured in his last fight against, Marlon Vera, at UFC 252 last August.

“It’s good, you know. I just rolled it about seven times in that last fight. I’ve rewatched that fight a couple times now. He threw a kick and I pulled out. He hit a nerve in my knee, gave me drop foot, I didn’t have control of my foot and I rolled it five or six times, whatever it was,” adding, “This wasn’t that bad of an injury compared two years ago (when) I completely shattered my foot, and broke it real bad.”

About half way into the first round of the fight, O’Malley, took a hard leg kick from Vera which in return gave O’Malley drop foot. Drop foot occurs when a fighter takes a strike to the peroneal nerve in the leg, which essentially causes the fighter to temporarily lose control of the lower half of their leg.

Although he didn’t confirm exactly how healthy his leg is, O’Malley seems to be healthy enough to fight, stating that he’s looking to get a fight some time in February. “I really hope I get a fight in February,” O’Malley said. “(I was supposed to fight) Thomas Almeida, but he said he couldn’t train with Covid-19 going around, so that’s a perfect excuse to not get knocked out,” adding,”I’m just waiting on some offers from UFC, and we’ll go from there.”


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