Sean O’Malley reveals his number one priority during fight camp: “It’s the number one performance enhancer”

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Sean O’Malley has revealed what his number one priority during fight camp is and it’s more obvious than you’d think.

During an interview with Ariel Helwani on his show The MMA Hour, O’Malley shared that his number one priority during camp is sleep.

The conversation came up when O’Malley was asked if he saw the Gervonta Davis vs. Isaac Cruz fight over the weekend, to which O’Malley responded, “No Ariel, I’m in bed at that time. I’m not up that late.”

“Nine-thirtyish,” said O’Malley when asked what time he usually gets to bed.

O’Malley goes on to say that he became keen on following a strict sleep regimen after he watched a Joe Rogan podcast about sleep a few years back.

“Ideally, it’s all the time. In camp, it’s very strict. Very dialed in. I have the best sleep in the UFC in my opinion. My sleeps been the number one priority for me for a long time. Ever since I watched (that) Joe Rogan podcast with Matthew Walker and they talked about sleep, (it) kinda freaked me out. So sleep is the number one thing in camp and yeah, I get my sleep in.”

“It’s an older episode,” O’Malley added. “I think three or four years ago I watched it. (It’s) just about how important sleep is for all around health especially with performance. It’s the number one performance enhancer is sleep. You go and have a good workout. You eat good. You sleep like shit? You know, it just doesn’t – you don’t get all that you could out of it. So sleep is (the) number one priority for me in camp.”

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