Sean Strickland details recent run-in with Kevin Holland at the UFC Performance Institute

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Earlier today, Sean Strickland spoke with media ahead of his main event bout against Jack Hermansson for UFC Vegas 47, which takes place this Saturday at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada.

During his sit down with media, Strickland was asked why fellow UFC fighter, Kevin Holland, doesn’t seem to like him very much, after Holland had some choice words to say about him during a recent interview he did with ESPN.

Here’s what Strickland had to say.

“Kevin Holland, I think I told him I could rape him in prison one day and it bothered him,” Strickland said during media day. “But I’m just stating the facts, dude. I’m just stating the f*cking facts, man. If me and you were in a jail cell together and I wanted to, like I could take that ass.

“Nah, he like – he started talking like shit to me on Instagram and I think I one-upped him by saying that, which I don’t think it’s a one-up, I’m telling you some really f*cked up things.

“So anyways, I see him at the (UFC Performance Institute) the other day and like, he just like popped out his f*ckin’ chest like, ‘come on’ like trying to fight me. And I’m like Kevin Holland, bro, you have my Instagram, dude, we can’t fight here.

“Edgar, my boy Edgar, f*ckin’ the UFC guy with the abs, he’s gonna break this shit up. We can’t fight here, you gotta f*ckin’ call me, we’ll go to this f*cking parking lot and we’ll do the fuckin’ man dance.”

Strickland goes on to explain how he would be willing to fight Holland at a private location for free, but feels Holland wouldn’t be willing to do that.

“The thing about Kevin Holland, you know, he just – he doesn’t know how to embrace his feelings. He doesn’t know how to feel, he’s scared of his feelings. So like, Kevin Holland is one of those guys (when) he sees me, he’s scared of me. ..A part of him scares me but I could look at him and say, ‘Kevin Holland, you scare me.’ I’m okay with that, I allow myself to feel. I’m not scared of feelings, but I will still take you out in the f*cking parking lot and fight you to the f*cking death.

“And Kevin Holland, he’s just not that way because I was like Kevin, listen man, I don’t need money, you just walk out these f*ckin’ doors, let’s go. And he was like, ‘f*ck that I’m right here.’ I’m like, he’s just being a p*ssy. He’s scared to feel. Kevin Holland, you call me dude, we can talk about your feelings, I got you. Don’t be scared.”

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