Sergio Pettis on overcoming battles with anxiety and depression

Photo: Sergio Pettis Instagram
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Sergio Pettis (19-5 MMA, 9-5 UFC, 1-0 Bellator) joined Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show to talk his recent win in his Bellator debut, his personal life, and experiences as a fighter.

During the interview, Helwani asked Pettis about a recent post he put up on Instagram. The post mentioned how Pettis’ coach and mentor, Duke Roufus encouraged him to write a personal mission statement and read it everyday. Pettis also said in the post that he was hurting internally following back to back losses in the UFC, which is why Roufus encouraged him to write the statement.

“I had all these negative thoughts in my head, all these anxieties, a little bit of depression, and stuff that I had to overcome and I feel like I am overcoming them. I had to get rid of some bad habits and replace them with good habits and now things are playing out well man, everything. Not only in MMA but in my relationships, my life outside of fighting, everything is a lot different for me now,” said Pettis.

Helwani followed that up by asking Pettis if he ever thought about leaving the sport following the back to back losses.

Pettis admitted that he did have talks about leaving the sport and not knowing what would happen if he lost a third fight in a row in the UFC.

“Honestly I was having talks with my girl, I was having talks with my cousin, I was like man if I lose this third fight in a row, I dont know whats gonna happen, I might be done,” Pettis added, “Its crazy how it all plays out. Now I’m outside of the UFC, I left on a win, and I’m happy, I’m happier than ever.”

Pettis won his Bellator debut two weeks ago, submitting his opponent by guillotine choke in the first round.

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