Disturbing details emerge from Luis Pena domestic violence arrest

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UFC lightweight Luis Pena was arrested Saturday for the second time this year after allegedly striking and injuring his girlfriend and another woman during a dispute.

Pena, 28, was booked at the Broward County (Florida) Detention Center on simple battery and battery domestic violence charges following.

According to an affidavit obtained by Parry Punch from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, Pena intentionally struck his girlfriend in the face “multiple times” with a closed fist, and continued to strike her after she fell to the ground.

The incident resulted in injuries to her head, left wrist, and “an alleged bite mark to her left knee region.”

A woman who happened to witness the incident attempted to intervene before also being struck by Pena, resulting in her falling to the ground and suffering minor injuries as well, per the affidavit.

The two women gave statements to police regarding the incident and police found probable cause to arrest Pena.

As of Tuesday evening, Pena is no longer searchable in the jails database, indicating he posted the $6,000 bond on which he was held.

The UFC has declined to comment on the matter at the moment, however, they did acknowledge the last incident and went as far as to say they were aware of the issue and wouldn’t book him a fight until he seeks help.

Pena’s attorney, Daniel Martinez, told ESPN “it is premature to make any statements on behalf of my client, so I respectfully decline to comment at this time.”

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