“Speak it, and you shall receive it”

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Two amazing fighters spoke victory into existence last night in Boxing & MMA. Accomplishing exactly what they stated they would do. Deontay ‘Bronze Bomber’ Wilder and Brian ‘T-City’ Ortega.

WBC Heavyweight Champion of the World, Deontay Wilder defended his Title on Showtime in Brooklyn, New York. Against the undefeated, Luis ‘King Kong’ Ortiz. Through adversity, Wilder was able to get the TKO in the 10th round of the championship bout. Before the fight, Wilder per usual predicted a knockout. Saturday it came. In the post-fight interview he exaggerated, “Speak it, Believe it, Receive it” to all of the audience letting them know he spoke that into existence. This isn’t the first time the Bronze Bomber has raved about the power of his mind.

On the other side of the spectrum in Las Vegas, Nevada. Brian Ortega squared off against Frankie Edgar in UFC 222’s Co-Main Event. All week Ortega stressed that Edgar has never been finished. In several interviews he stated that he was looking to do just that Saturday night. Especially since it was yet to be done. Saturday night 4 minutes into the first round, it happened. Ortega caught Edgar with a step in lead elbow which stunned the former champion, badly. Ortega followed it up with an uppercut that dropped Edgar to the canvas. He (Ortega) then followed it up with a few ground and pound strikes until the referee came in to stop the fight.

UFC President Dana White confirmed in the Post-Fight Press Conference that Ortega is next to face the current UFC Featherweight Champion of the World Max Holloway. White did not give a date but the Featherweight Champion sent out a tweet post-fight hinting at UFC 226, in July. Ortega also stated he wants a little bit of time off before the Title Fight so the date is yet to be determined. Though unlikely to be his next fight, Wilder will continue pursuing Anthony Joshua to achieve his overall goal of,  “One face, One Champion, One name.” To bring definite clarity in the Heavyweight Division.


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