Teofimo Lopez on Why He Won’t Rematch Lomachenko: “I’ma be a D***”

Photo: Mikey Williams, Top Rank
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Reigning lightweight champ, Teofimo Lopez (16-0), caught up with Fight Hub TV, Tuesday, to discuss a recent interview Lomachenko did where he made excuses about his loss to Lopez back in October, and why he won’t give Lomachenko an immediate rematch.

“Lomachencko is a tremendous fighter overall, however you’re not acting like a true champion saying such things,” Lopez said. “You know, move on, and that’s all I can say.”

Fight Hub followed that up by asking, Teofimo, why he’s been saying that he doesn’t want to give Lomachenko the immediate rematch for their next fight.

“Because I’ma be a d***,” Lopez said. “Because everybody was being a d*** to me, and my father. You know, (Lomachenko) didn’t want to put a rematch clause on our contract. There’s a lot of things, I could get really dirty with this, but I’m not. I’m gonna look the other way. I’m looking for bigger and better things. Now this is where I determine what my future is going to look like, and how I determine it, and it’s not gonna look like a cherry picker. Never that. I’m gonna go out there, and I’m gonna be a fan to the fans. I’m gonna go out there, and take on anyone for them, because that’s what really matters. The people.”

Lopez, 23, then gave his opinion on cherry picking in boxing.

“To speak to cherry picking, it’s a toss up,” Lopez said. “It’s a toss up. Some fighters do cherry pick, we can’t lie about that, we’ve seen it. But then there is some that are fighting some tough guys that just don’t have the credit as much as the other guy,” adding, “Cherry picking for me man, you know, I know I ain’t one. That’s all I can say is I know I’m not one.”

Source: Youtube.com

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