Tyson Fury on advising Tommy Fury to enjoy a few beers 3-4 times a week in training camp, reveals he had ‘2 pints’ before first Wilder fight

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There is no doubt that heavyweight champ, Tyson Fury, just does things different when it comes to boxing and his life in general.

Following the press conference for Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury this past Wednesday, Tyson Fury (who was there in support of his younger brother), revealed ground breaking news during an interview with SportsJOE_UK, regarding advice he gives his brother during training camp, and what he did prior to his first fight against Deontay Wilder, which happened to be for the WBC heavyweight championship.

Fury started off the interview by sharing his perspective on why fighters shouldn’t take boxing so seriously and the benefits of doing so.

“In a boxing match, you don’t have to put your life and soul into it because it’s just a fight to enjoy,” Fury said in regards to the strict, disciplined approach most fighters take in training camp.

“A lot of them take it too seriously and that’s why they probably lose. It’s not about taking it too serious.”

“I’m a big believer in enjoying it while you can and just enjoying the actual fight and not overlooking it all.”

The reporter followed that up by asking Fury why he advises Tommy to go out and enjoy “a few pints (of beer), three or four times a week,” during training camp.

Here’s what Fury had to say about the unconventional wisdom he’s bestowed upon his younger brother.

“Because it relaxes you when you’re in training camp and it teaches you not to be so strict,” he said. “It teaches you to relax and enjoy and that’s what it’s about.”

“Back in the past, men used to fight 20 or 30 rounds. They’d have a bottle of brandy before they went out there and had a fight.”

“So, no one can tell me, not one nutritionist, conditioner, whatever they want to call themselves. All this new science stuff today. Men back in the day didn’t have food to eat for three or four days and then fought 25 rounds.

“So, you know, today we’re a little bit softer than we were years ago.”

“Before Wilder 1, I went downstairs and had two pints because I felt like it. Didn’t do me any harm did it?”

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