UFC 222 The People’s Main Event

Photo: UFC.com
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Coming up this saturday at UFC 222, is a matchup between two top contenders in the UFC’s featherweight division. Brian Ortega (3) vs. Frankie Edgar (2).

Three weeks ago, UFC featherweight champion, Max Holloway was forced to pull out against Edgar in what was supposed to be tomorrows main event. With Edgar pulling out the first time they were scheduled to fight, this left fight fans feeling as they did for Ferguson vs. Nurmagomedov one and two. That is until Frankie stepped up and offered to stay on the card. Stating that he is willing to take on any opponent.

In steps UFC prospect, Brian Ortega. Earning five finishes in his last five fights, with four of them coming in the third round, Ortega comes into saturdays co-main event with a lot of hype as well as an undefeated record.

Ortega has shown flashes of greatness in every UFC appearance. Raising the bar higher with every performance, Ortega is deserving of the opportunity he has been given.

Ortega’s fighting experience doesn’t just date back to his amateur MMA debut, it dates back to his childhood. Growing up in the low income neighborhoods of Los Angeles, California, fighting has always been a way of life for Brian.

In a short story of his life, featured on YouTube and Fox Sports, he talks about nearly facing death in the ocean, escaping gang life, and how he met his boxing trainer, James.

James is “an OG from the streets,” says Ortega. He recalls the day James walked right up and pulled him from a group of gang members he was with at the time.

Growing up in the streets of San Pedro, Ortega has a lifetime of fighting experience that shows in his fights.

Former lightweight champion, Frankie Edgar has been in eight title fights during his UFC career. He currently holds the record for the most ring time out of all UFC fighters. Edgar has defeated names such as BJ Penn, Gray Maynard, Urijah Faber, Chad Mendes. Most recently, Edgar derailed the hype-train in May when he defeated Yair Rodriguez by doctor stoppage at the end of the second round.

As one of the last contenders left from the previous era of fighters, the Queens River, New Jersey native looks to have a similar night as he did in May. This saturday in UFC 222’s Co-Main Event against Brian Ortega.

The winner of tomorrows fight is almost expected to fight the champion, Max Holloway next.

Each fighter possesses their own problems for the champ.

Edgar will likely look to apply a wrestling strategy if he gets the fight against Holloway.

For Ortega, he has shown that he is willing to fight on the feet or on the ground. The Gracie blackbelt and instructor will likely hold the ground advantage against Holloway. Ortega and the champ have an almost identical height and reach, creating a very interesting match-up on the feet.

Photo: UFC.com

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