UFC bantamweight Casey Kenney Apologizes For ‘Utterly Degrading’ Sexual Remarks Made About Megan Anderson

https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2019/8/26/20831390/casey-kenney-didnt-give-a-sh-t-manny-bermudez-was-so-much-heavier-than-him-at-ufc-241-mma-news , https://www.mmafighting.com/2019/12/16/21024653/megan-anderson-to-fight-norma-dumont-at-ufc-norfolk
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UFC bantamweight Casey Kenney received backlash Thursday following a sexual remark made about UFC women’s featherweight, Megan Anderson. Whom of which will be competing on the same card as him at UFC 259 in March.

During an appearance on The Timbo Suga Show hosted by UFC bantamweight Sean O’Malley, and his coach Tim Welch, Welch asked Kenney if he would “smash” Megan Anderson – in other words have sex with her. Due to the open nature of the podcast, Kenney answered the question openly.

“Probably not man,” Casey replied. “She’s not too – well I mean if it came down to it and it was like 5 a.m., 4 – she’s like a 5 a.m.-er, 4 a.m.-er. Just us two hanging out, yeah. I’d be like, ‘F*ck it, let’s do it.'”

A video of him answering the question has since been clipped from the podcast and shared to Twitter, resulting in Anderson Quote-Tweeting it, and expressing some thoughts of her own regarding Kenney.

“I guess MMA is a line of work where you can talk publicly about whether you’d have sex with a co worker in an utterly degrading way and face zero consequences,” Anderson wrote.

“Disgusting behavior and it’s unfortunate that he’ll be fighting on my card in March.”

Casey has since commented a public apology on her post expressing that he see’s where he went wrong.

“I’m sorry this upset you,” Kenney wrote. “I will be more careful with my words. I was just answering a question and thought it was all a joking matter. I see I was wrong and I’m sorry. Best of luck with training camp and your fight.”

At this time, the UFC has not yet commented on the matter.

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