UFC Brasilia: Update on this weekends fight card and weigh-in schedule

Photo: Wiki the commons
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As the Covid-19 virus, also known as the Corona virus, is rapidly spreading throughout the world, the UFC has now put in place preemtive measures to do their part in not allowing the disease to spread further, unnecessarily.

As reported earlier today by Guilerherme Cruz, the UFC has officially closed off tomorrow’s weigh-ins, to the public, and to the media. Only licensed team members, broadcast partners, and athletes will be allowed to attend the official weigh-ins.

An official statement from the UFC reads as follows:

“The official weigh-ins set to take place at the host hotel from 9-11am BST on Friday will be closed to media and public. Only athletes, licensed team members and broadcast partners will be allowed to participate.”

“The ceremonial weigh-ins set to take place on Friday at the Nilson Nelson Gymnasium will be cancelled and the official morning weigh-in will serve as the lone weigh-in for the event.”

“Information about Saturday’s event will be announced soon.”

As of right now, one half of Saturday’s main event, Kevin Lee, is advocating for the fight to still go on in an empty arena, in order to still give the fans a show, and prevent the event from being cancelled as a whole.

Updates on this weekends fight card will be revealed as the week goes on. With there being less than 48 hours till the event, the UFC will be coming up with an official decision within the next 24 hours as to what they plan on doing for this weekends highly anticipated fight card.

As it stands right now, it is unlikely that fans will be allowed to be in attendance for Saturday’s card if the UFC chooses to go through with holding the event.

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