UFC on ESPN+ 25 live results: Diego Sanchez gets hit with illegal knee, wins via DQ

Photo: John Kopaloff/ Getty Images
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Round 1

Diego Sanchez comes out and does a cart wheel in the direction of Perreira, trying to strike him. The two clinch up and then quickly separate. Sanchez is now on the back pedal and Perreira is hitting Sanchez with a lot of long, rangey kicks with the occasional punch to the head and body. The front kick is working very well for Perreira. Four minutes into the first round and Sanchez is beginning to land a few leg kicks but hasn’t gotten off much offense to this point. Diego throws another cart wheel at Perreira, missing. Dominant round for Perreira.

10-9 round for Perreira

Round 2

The broadcast is questioning Sanchez’s corner work and the advice that was given to him in between rounds. This round is more of the same with Sanchez against the cage with Perreira keeping his distance, picking his shots. Sanchez gets Perreira up against the cage briefly before Perreira escapes. Perreira lands a stiff right down the middle that stumbles Sanchez. The round ends with a suplex by Perreira. Another dominant round for Perreira.

10-9 Perreira

Round 3

This round starts with Perreira playing with Sanchez more. Sanchez can’t seem to hit him though. Perreira is still picking his shots keeping his range against Sanchez. Perreira takes Sanchez down twice and then lets him up after getting off some ground and pound. Perreira lands a body shot that rocks Sanchez, he follows that up by clinching Sanchez and hitting him with brutal knees. Sanchez drops to the ground and Perreira hits him with an illegal knee to the head and the fight gets immediately stopped by referee Jason Herzog.

After the doctors come in and evaluated Sanchez, they decide he is still fit to fight. Herzog asks Sanchez if he wants to continue and Sanchez says he doesn’t want to continue due to being injured from the knee. The fight was stopped by DQ.

Sanchez wins via DQ.

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