Video: Brian Ortega, Jay Park altercation: “I told you I’d slap you like bi*ch”

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On Saturday, at UFC 248, former UFC featherweight title challenger, Brian Ortega, made headlines when he confronted and slapped Korean Pop Star, Jay Park, who also happens to be an affiliate of UFC featherweight title contender, Chan Sung Jung, also known as ‘The Korean Zombie.’

Zombie is signed to Parks entertainment group, AOMG Entertainment, which is why Ortega held him responsible for some of the recent trash talk that has allegedly come out of Zombie’s mouth.

While translating for Zombie on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show last month, Park translated that Ortega had been ‘ducking’ Zombie, and Ortega took particular issue with his word choice.

Following the interview, Ortega reacted by commenting on the post and stating that there is a difference between “ducking” and “being injured.”

Ortega went as far as to threaten the K-Pop star, stating that he better not let him see him anywhere in public.

On Saturday, Ortega got his opportunity to make good on his word as both Ortega and Park were in attendance for UFC 248.

According to multiple sources, when Zombie went to the bathroom, Ortega saw that as his chance to confront Park and make good on his word.

Park went on to file a police report against Ortega but has stated since the incident that it is ultimately still up to him if he wants to follow through with pressing charges.

At this moment in time, it is unclear whether or not he will look to drop the charges, or follow through with them.

For Park’s full perspective on what happened, check out the interview he did with Ariel Helwani on the Monday following the incident.

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