Video: Footage of UFC Fighter Mike Perry striking old man outside restaurant in Lubbock, Texas

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Disturbing footage was released Weds. night, showing Mike Perry getting into an altercation with an older man outside a restaurant called Table 82 in Lubbock,Texas, at around 10:30 P.M. on Tues. night, as reported by TMZ.

After being followed outside by multiple men, Perry got into an altercation with an older man which resulted in Perry knocking him to the ground after Perry threatened that he would, “knock his old ass out.”

After the two got into a scuffle, Perry was heard calling the woman he originally seemed to be arguing with outside the restaurant a, “whore.” In addition, he was also heard dropping the N-word several times. Screaming, “back up n****,” multiple times to bystanders trying to diffuse the situation.

Perry took to Twitter after the incident to express his frustrations, and he had some disturbing comments to say the least.

There has been no comment made by Perry to any media outlets to this point, and the UFC is still yet to comment on the incident that happened on Tuesday night.

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