WATCH: Kevin Holland beats up troll for calling him ‘Derek Brunson’

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UFC fighter Kevin Holland has shared another video of him beating up a troll that thought he could get away with disrespecting him.

Holland shared the video of him beating up the troll on Monday and he made sure to include screen shots of the texts leading up to it, along with a description of how it all went down in the first place.

“Honestly, I liked this troll way more,” Holland captioned the post. “So this guy at the meet and greet called me Derek Brunson… later he got a autograph.

“Next day he got the pleasure of being troll number two.

“Two down, way too many more to go. I’m gonna start needing help. Full video will go up on my only fans.

“Dude ended up being respectful so yes I respect him for showing up.”

Screenshots of the texts leading up to the sparring session below.

Last month, Holland posted a video of him submitting a troll that had harassed him for months about his grappling skills.

Check out the full video of his grappling match with the troll.

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