WATCH: Miesha Tate removes own stitches days after loss to Ketlen Vieira

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“I’m gonna take my stitches out,” said Miesha Tate in her latest Youtube video. “I actually already took one out and I thought maybe you all would like to see this.”

“I think there’s no point in going to the doctor to remove these, but I’m also kind of crazy,” she added. “I’m also so weird that I don’t really like people to help me with stuff like this.”

Tate, 35, suffered multiple nasal fractures in her fight against Ketlen Vieira at UFC Vegas 43. As a result, she will need to be cleared by an ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctor before returning to competition, or no contest until May 20, 2022. With a minimum suspension/no contest until Jan. 5 and no contact until Dec. 21.

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