WATCH: Afghan fighter gets called a ‘terrorist’ at Dana White’s Contender Series weigh-in

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During the ceremonial weigh-in faceoffs for Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series 45, Oron Kahlon called Afghanistan’s Javid Basharat a “terrorist.”

The incident occurred because Israel’s Kahlon missed the bantamweight limit of 136 pounds by three pounds, which results in him forfeiting 20 percent of his purse to his opponent.

During the faceoffs that took place moments after, Basharat elected to not shake his opponents hand over the weight miss. The two then exchanged a few words which couldn’t be made out. As the two disengaged from the faceoff, Kahlon was heard calling Basharat a “terrorist.”

Here’s the video where Kahlon was heard making the racist remark:

Following the incident, Basharat posted a message on his Instagram story, advising his fans to not stoop to his opponents level of racism.

“After this whole terrorist comment, we have to make sure guys, to not stoop to his level and make racist comments back,” said Basharat.

“As a muslim, we advise not to do this either. Show the people that this is a religion of peace and he’s the only one that looks bad here.”

Basharat added that if fans want to tell Kahlon that he is going to lose tomorrow, go right ahead.

“But if you want to DM him, (and) tell him he’s going to get smoked, let him have it.”

Source: MMA Junkie

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